The Best Circular Saw for Beginners

What is a Circular Saw? A circular saw is used to cut lumber, boards, plywood, and wood to length for your projects. Blade type and size vary, but the most common size is 7-1/4″ diameter. Beginners will usually be cutting wood materials, but you can also purchase masonry blades for cutting concrete and stone. The... Read more →

What Do You Use a Scroll Saw For?

Have you ever wanted to make your own word art, puzzles, figurines, or interesting patterns to hang on the wall? A scroll saw is a very unique piece of machinery that has a very fine blade to cut wood. Some patterns have very small curves that would be almost impossible to cut out with any... Read more →

The Best Shop Vac for Drywall Dust

Drywall dust gets everywhere when you’re working with sheet rock. I mean everywhere! It’s unfortunately part of the job. While most shop vacs blow the dust back into the room without the proper filters, I’ve learned a few different ways to get rid of the dust. I’ll first recommend a few vacuums and then explain... Read more →

The Best Bandsaws for Resawing

When I was growing up my Dad always kept scraps of wood around so that he always had something for any project we were working on. The best part about keeping wood scraps is that you always have something available when you need it. Once we found that piece of wood, we would resaw it... Read more →

The Best Table Saw for DIYer

When my father taught me how to use a table saw as a kid, he explained how all the parts worked together so we could professionally rip a board for our DIY projects. In learning how it worked, I gained a respect for tool and always treated it knowing its dangers. I never took a... Read more →

The Best Wood Lathe for the Money

Have you ever entertained the thought of making your own live edge bowls or wood ink pens? What about spindles, boxes, or vessels to put things in? You can turn these ideas into reality with a few lessons on wood turning and how to use a lathe. In order to get you closer to that... Read more →

The Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

If there’s one subject almost all DIY’ers cringe at hearing, it’s painting. Whether talking about the general slop-around brushing, rolling, or *shudder* spraying, the work can seem intimidating and cause general horror and mayhem in the minds of the most stoic DIY’ers. We’re going to break down the process and hopefully ease some of the... Read more →

The Best Angle Grinder for Welders

There is something of a zen-like quality to forcing hardened steel to bend to your will. Welders and metal workers have some of the most intriguing jobs in the world today. These folks work with materials which will stop most bullets today, bending, twisting, and joining; they seemingly create life from lifeless metal. How they... Read more →

How to Replace a Thermal Fuse on a KitchenAid Dishwasher

After a long night of washing dishes, our KitchenAid dishwasher (Model KUDS30IXBL1) had no lights the next morning and wouldn’t turn on. I checked the breaker to see if it had tripped, but I found no indication. If the dishwasher had no power, it’s possible the thermal fuse inside has been tripped. One way to... Read more →

What is the Best Drill for Mixing Mud?

Today we’ll be taking a deeper look at the mixing of a multitude of gooey substances used in everything from tiling to drywall. When it comes to mixing these materials, there are only a few guidelines to note. We don’t feel like there is any one, single answer for everything, so we’re going to present... Read more →