Best Saw Horses

Is this the Best set of Saw horses?

If you don’t have a pair of saw horses in your garage or toolshed, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Sawhorses are underrated in the world of tools. They should be called workhorses because that’s what they are.

This simple tool allows you to cut, paint, measure, stain, drill, or do any number of things to a project without giving you a backache.

The traditional sawhorse is made from 2X4’s. But those old models are difficult to store unless you have a lot of room.

There are so many new designs and materials on the market today, it’s really interesting. If you haven’t looked into sawhorses lately, you are going to be surprised at what you find.

Whether this is your first set of saw horses or a replacement set, you want the best ones you can buy, right?

There are so many choices, how can you pick the right set?

I’ve done a little research here and I’ve come up with a shortlist of some of the best on the market.

So, take a load off and keep reading. I bet you find the pair you are looking for by the time you finish reading this.

Best Overall

At first glance, these might look like a traditional pair of sawhorses but look again. Those supports aren’t wood, but metal! Lots of the features on this pair of sawhorses are not obvious to the naked eye.

For example, there are pre-drilled metal supports on the ends. Those allow you to drop in a pair of 2X4’s and create a workbench or tabletop. That makes this pair of sawhorses double duty.

Got extra guests for the holidays and need an extra table? Drop in the 2X4’s, put a sheet of plywood on top, cover with a nice tablecloth and you have an extra dining room table.

These workhorses have collapsible legs for easier storage. There are no complicated braces when it comes time to set them back up again. Just flip the lever and the legs can be collapsed or set upright.

How easy is that?

The best feature of these might be the weight capacity. Each sawhorse can hold 1500 pounds.

Read that again.

EACH sawhorse can hold 1500 pounds! That’s just shy of one ton PER SAWHORSE. That is more than just about any other sawhorse that I’ve seen.

What I Like

  • Fast and easy setup and teardown
  • Unbelievable weight capacity at 1500 lbs. per sawhorse
  • Allows for 2X4’s to be secured between the sawhorses for an instant table or workbench
  • Super compact for easy storage

What I Don’t Like

  • A few users complain that the sawhorse was bent right out of the box
  • Legs are very sharp and can cut fingers if caution isn’t used
  • Height is not adjustable

You will be impressed with the Bora Portamate Speedhorse set, I know I was! This is about the best option out there for a durable and strong set.

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Runner Up

For basic, all-around sawhorse use, this pair from Worx… Well, they work!

Made from a durable yet lightweight type of thermoplastic polymer, each sawhorse can support 500 pounds. The pair combined can support half a ton.

That’s probably more than you will ever need in your DIY projects, but it’s good to know that it’s there if you need it.

These fold up for easier storage and are only 2.5 inches wide when folded. I like these sawhorses because they have a detachable clamp that you can use vertically or horizontally.

This comes in handy when working on smaller projects. I also like the built-in shelf at the bottom for tossing some tools into as you work. I like the cord hook too so you don’t fall on your butt tripping over a cord.

What I Like

  • Very lightweight at only 8.2 pounds, which makes these super portable
  • The 3-year warranty is excellent
  • Lots of little extras, such as the cord hook, that help make any job just a bit easier

What I don’t like

  • They aren’t very wide at the bottom, so larger, heavier pieces may not be well supported
  • A few users complained that the clamps came apart after the first use
  • Some users said that the shelf broke apart even though there was very little weight on it

These don’t have the weight capacity of the Bora Portamate. But for many homeowners who have small DIY projects, this pair of Worx sawhorses should work just fine.

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Best Budget Option

If you want a really awesome set of sawhorses but are short on cash, no worries.

Amazon Basics to the rescue!

This is a set of foldable sawhorses that weigh only 10.5 pounds, but they support 900 hundred pounds. That’s just shy of a ½ ton, folks.

These are 23.4 inches wide when opened and are made from hard, dense plastic. But the company doesn’t say what type of plastic.

I wouldn’t recommend storing these in direct sunlight. We don’t know what kind of plastic and many plastics are weakened by sunlight.

This is a quite simple pair of folding sawhorses that will work for most homeowners and DIYers. For the price, even if they only last a few years, they’re a great value.

What I Like

  • Super affordable
  • Support 900 pounds, which is amazing at this price
  • Fold-flat for easy storage

What I Don’t Like

  • A few users complain that the sawhorses arrived broken in the box
  • Some people feel that the top is too narrow for some projects
  • A couple of people say that the legs collapsed after using it once or twice

Amazon Basics products are usually well made and do the job. No fancy gadgets or extras. But for the price, you won’t find anything better.

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Do I need sawhorses?

Yes, I believe they are a necessity!

If someone were to ask, “Do I need a toolbox?” Of course, the answer is yes, right?

Obviously, you can dump all your tools in a cardboard box or in a drawer or a bucket. But this can cause them to become damaged and makes it nearly impossible to find what you need.

The same is true with sawhorses.

Of course, you can use a couple of buckets or a stack of bricks. But there really is no substitute for a good pair of sawhorses. They are mobile, hold even very heavy objects off the ground while you work, and are often the first step in nearly all home improvement projects.

I believe that every homeowner will benefit from a nice pair of sawhorses.

What can I use instead of a sawhorse?

A pair of stepladders or even one step ladder and a workbench will substitute for sawhorses.

I’ve seen people use a pair of buckets and some cement blocks stacked on one another with an old kitchen table. I once saw, believe it or not, a dude who placed a door that he was working on across the bed of his truck.

Anything strong enough to support your project will work. But there is nothing that is ‘just like” a sawhorse, only substitutions.

What do you use a sawhorse for?

A sawhorse is a frame that is used to support a project or piece of material that you are working on.

Most people think of sawhorses as something you use to support wood so you can cut it, but it also works for painting, sanding, drilling, and more.

A sawhorse is designed to support the weight of your project and not be an obstacle for you to work around.

How do you build a 2×4 sawhorse?

Most people make their own sawhorses from an extra piece of wood that they have lying around.

Personally, I like to use a kit to whip together a pair of sawhorses from some 2X4s. These Sawhorse Brackets for example, allows you to make a pair of sawhorse from some 2X4s in minutes.

If you are at a friend’s house and they don’t have sawhorses, with this easy-to-use kit, you can create a pair from old pieces of wood that most people have stored in their garage.

You can even go buy some new 2X4’s if you like. Or when you are finished, you can remove these sawhorse brackets and toss them in your toolbox for another day.

Solves all your problems with storing sawhorses.


I’m betting that by now you have been scrolling through sawhorses online and have been amazed by the selection. You’ve probably also been a bit bewildered after a while and wondered which pair is best.

The Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse pair really is the best overall pair of sawhorses you can buy.

This impressive set of sawhorses are incredibly sturdy and wiggle from side to side very little compared to homemade or other brands.

What I really love about this pair of sawhorses is that they have all the features you’ve always wanted.

The metal tops have brackets that allow you to drop in a few 2X4’s, add a piece of plywood, and make it an instant workbench or table.

These also collapse and set up with ease. You use just one hand to release the button and the legs collapse or set themselves up.

It literally takes you about 2 seconds.

By folding, these take up less than half of the space that conventional sawhorses do. You can put a pair of hooks on the wall of your shed or garage and hang them out of the way. Try doing that with some homemade sawhorses!

There is nothing wrong with the Amazon Basics Folding Sawhorse if you’re on a tight budget. But if you can swing it, the Bora Portamate Sawhorse is exactly what the DIYer ordered and then some!

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