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My search for the Best Drill Bit Set

Last week I was in the middle of a DIY project and spent an hour searching for a lost drill bit. I’m sure you know the frustration that usually follows.

I really dislike having to stop everything for a trip to the hardware store to pick up one drill bit. This is why I like to always buy another set of drill bits whenever I’m shopping for tools.

In addition to size, you need a certain type of drill bit for the type of material you need to drill a hole into: masonry, wood, metal, tile, or whatever. That can mean you need to keep a fairly good selection on hand to avoid that trip to the store.

You may not be able to own every type of drill bit in every possible size. But you can keep a decent selection on hand that should handle about 90 percent of your drilling needs.

Which drill bit set might that be, you ask?

I’m going to fill you in on the best drill bit set you will never regret owning. You might even feel compelled to purchase more than one set if you’re anything like me.

I mean seriously, can you ever have TOO MANY drill bits? I don’t think so!

Best Overall

Everyone knows the DeWalt name and their quality products. This drill bit set is no exception.

This is a titanium set of drill bits which you can use on almost anything. I love titanium for those all around the house DIY jobs.

This set has a patented pilot point that stays sharp, as well as a plastic case to keep them organized.

You should note that this set does not contain 21 different SIZES, but it does have 21 bits. There are two of each size 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, and 1/8th. So, this kit actually has 16 different sizes.

Still a terrific set in my opinion since these are the sizes you will actually use.

These drill bits are made in China (like nearly everything is it seems). They are one-piece titanium steel, and they last like the dickens. I’ve used these on wood, plastic, drywall, even aluminum without problems.

These are not masonry bits so they will not work on concrete, cement, or bricks.

DeWalt has a decent warranty on these as well, offering a full 1-year 100% replacement if they wear out from normal use and a 3-year warranty for defects.

What I Like

  • Made from Titanium steel, which is the perfect, all around the house material
  • 21-piece set comes in the most popular sizes
  • Carrying case helps to keep them organized and you can see in a glance if one drill bit has not been replaced
  • Good warranty

What I Don’t Like

  • Kit does not contain 21 different sizes, but 16 sizes (there are some with two bits of the exact same size)
  • Made in China
  • Warranty is good but you must pay the shipping to return the defective drill bit

As a general, all around the yard and house drill bit set, this titanium drill bit setup from DeWalt is darn near as perfect as a kit can be.

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Runner Up

Sometimes, it’s not so much that you need a drill bit, but a screwdriver bit (sometimes called drivers).

When that happens, this is the perfect set of both driver and drill bits. With such a wide variety of drivers and drill bits, you are sure to find what you need here.

This is a super versatile set that includes drill bits, hex shank drill bits, sockets, a socket adapter, even a small measuring tape all in one neat box with a handle for easy portability.

The drivers come in slotted, Philips, posidrive, Allen, and Torx designs. This is a great starter set if you have next to no tools or if you are looking to add some additional bits and drivers.

These are HSS (high strength steel) which means that while they will work on a wide variety of materials, but don’t expect to get a long service life out of them.

I really love the variety in this package. If they had made these from titanium steel instead of HSS, this would top my list.

What I Like

  • Very large selection of sizes and styles of drivers and drill bits
  • Great storage case
  • Comes with nearly every driver size and style you will ever use

What I don’t like

  • Made in China
  • Only HSS, no titanium
  • No warranty information

This is the perfect kit for those just starting out or for those who want to add some drivers to their current toolbox.

Also, if you do very little drilling around your home, this set will probably work well for you.

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Best Drill & Screwdriver Bit Set

Everyone knows the Black and Decker name.

I’m betting you have at least one tool in your garage that says B&D on it. It’s no surprise that they made a drill and drive bit set to go with their drills.

I like this set because it has a wide range of drill bits, including some for masonry and metal. The drivers are one-inch and two-inch lengths that fit nearly all drills and electric screwdrivers.

While B&D doesn’t specifically say what type of metal these are made from, it looks like they are HSS, especially at this price.

This kit has a really sturdy carrying case. Each holding tube is clearly marked for what size belongs there. It doesn’t appear that the size stamped onto each drill bit, only for the drivers.

What I Like

  • Contains a wide range of not only drill bit sizes, but types of drill bits, such as masonry drill bits
  • Has a wide range of drivers, including Philips and Torx
  • Super sturdy carrying case

What I Don’t Like

  • The drill bits appear to be HSS only
  • Made in China
  • No warranty information available

Again, if you are just starting to build up your tool kit or if you want to add to the variety of drill bits and drivers to your toolbox, this is a really outstanding kit. Especially for the price.

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What are the most durable drill bits?

Cobalt is the hardest drill bit. But the harder a drill bit, the more brittle they are, which means they tend to break.

If you are drilling through steel though, cobalt is what you will need.

Carbide is also extremely hard, and it is equally brittle.

Titanium is harder than HSS and lasts much longer for general use purposes.

Is cobalt or titanium drill bits better?

That would depend on the type of material you plan on using them on.

Titanium drill bits are terrific for all-around, general use purposes. But if you are drilling through hardened surfaces, you should use cobalt.

Cobalt bits are the choice for iron, steel, or other types of smooth metal. They are highly heat resistant and go right through metal like a hot knife through butter.

But titanium bits last as much as 10 times longer than other types of metal drill bits, even HSS bits. They are super tough and are the perfect choice for all around the house types of projects.

I keep a set of both types of drill bits in my toolbox. But I do use the titanium drill bits much more often than the cobalt bits.

What are the best drill bits for drilling steel?

Cobalt drill bits are the best when it comes to steel and even stainless steel. While carbide is harder, it is also more brittle. These are not meant for hand drills, so it’s best to avoid carbide.

Go with cobalt drill bits if you are drilling through steel or stainless steel. For just about everything else, you can go with titanium.

How do you drill a hole in hardened steel?

If you need to drill a fairly large hole in a piece of hardened steel, you might want to consider using a cobalt drill bit in a press.

If the hole isn’t too large, then you might be able to use that cobalt drill bit in your regular hand-held drill.

If this doesn’t work, I’ve heard (although I haven’t tried it myself) that using a drill bit that I intended for granite (such as granite tile counters) actually works.

These drill bits look a bit strange since it has only a head on it and there is no twist to the body. I’ve heard several people say that those suckers drill through anything!

In The End

If you do quite a bit of masonry work, then of course you will need to buy masonry drill bits.

For the overwhelming majority of homeowners though, a quality set of titanium drill bits will work for most around the home jobs.

I like the titanium drill bit set by DEWALT.

It has 16 of the most common sizes, all organized in a neat, locking case so you don’t lose them. You can also see if someone has “borrowed” a drill bit and not put it back.

This is great for people like me who often forget and leave the drill bit sitting on a shelf or on the floor!

DEWALT backs up their product with a good warranty as well. While you need to pay to ship the drill bit back to them it doesn’t weigh all that much. At least you know that DEWALT is confident enough about their product to put a 3-year warranty on it!

These are one-piece, tough as heck titanium steel drill bits all organized in a case in 16 of the most common sizes that you will use.

With a 3-year warranty and a very reasonable price, how can you go wrong?

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