My Story

When I was growing up my Dad always took the time to teach me what he was working on. Whether it was painting a go-kart, hanging drywall, or how to use a chainsaw, he always took the time to teach me what he knew. Although I didn’t always appreciate this when I was a teenager, I’ve grown older and realized these skills are invaluable and should be passed down to others. Skills that we learn from our fathers, mothers, and mentors, will only gain importance as technology increasingly snares the attention of unsuspecting generations who don’t have the desire or time to learn what their fathers knew. I want to interrupt this trend.

My desire is to share what I have learned from my dad with others. Because the importance of the family structure is being attacked, I realize not everyone has been blessed with a father that has shared these types of skills. Through this site, and God willing, I will work to re-establish the importance of family structure, share these skills, and invest in future generations.

On this site you’ll find content describing DIY projects, methods, skills, and every day handyman ideas. You’ll also find buying guides, product reviews, and comparison articles of products.

Editor in Chief
Ethan Evans

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