The Best Push Block for a Table Saw

Even though you may already have a push stick or push block, the GRR-RIPPER GR-100 is the best push block for table saws today. Kickback is a dangerous problem that can occur when the work piece binds in the saw blade and then kicks back towards you at high speed. This problem can cause serious harm or even kill you if you’re not careful.

The GR-100 is a highly engineered and perfectly designed solution to the problem of kickback. The green pad on the bottom grips the stock as you feed it through the saw. As you push the work piece through, the ingenious design applies just enough downward pressure on the table top and inward pressure on the rip fence to keep your movement exactly parallel and reduce dangerous kickback.


  • Increased safety – Protect your hands and fingers from the blade on the table saw. Injuries occur when kickback occurs from the wood binding in the saw blade. The GRR-Ripper push block helps to eliminate kickback by applying force in three directions when you’re cutting wood.
  • Better control – The unique design allows you to apply pressure to the work piece so you can control it more accurately as you push it through the blade.
  • Fully adjustable – It can accommodate a wide variety of wood sizes and materials for your projects by adjusting the center leg support.


  • Compared to a push stick, the GRR-RIPPER gives much better control on narrow rip cuts.
  • The reduction of kickback is one of the greatest pros for this push block.
  • The GRR-RIPPER is especially helpful for longer cuts when you don’t have an outfeed table. Longer pieces will tend to push up at the end because of the weight on the other side. The push block allows you to maintain downward pressure on the piece.


  • Be aware that you may need to remove the blade guard on your table saw to use this push block. However the GRR-RIPPER will still keep your hands safely away from the blade.
  • While it may seem expensive at first, it’s completely worth the price for the added safety and control when you’re ripping narrow pieces on your table saw.

How to Adjust the GR-100

  1. First, loosen the handle so it’s right above your line to cut and re-tighten.
  2. Next, vertically adjust the side balance support to accommodate the thickness of your work piece.
  3. Move the center leg so it’s fully supporting your work piece.
  4. Visually inspect the work piece and the GR-100 to make sure everything is aligned correctly before making your cut.


Q: Do you need to remove the blade guard or kickback guard?
A: Yes, you may need to remove it to use the GRR-Ripper.

Q: Where is the GRR-RIPPER manufactured?
A: It’s made in the USA.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: It comes with a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects. You may need to register your product to receive the free 3 year warranty. Do that here at the Microjig site.

Instruction Manual

Download Microjig’s instruction manual for the GR-100.

Company Profile

Microjig is a Winter Park, FL based company that manufactures in the USA. Henry Wang started the company but he and his son Bruce have grown it to win multiple awards over the years. Bruce’s innovation and passion is shared by his employees as they continue to innovate with new products. Their passion is to protect craftsmen and increase table saw safety across the world.

Bruce believes in safety so much that he and his company launched a goal of giving all 2,714 public schools in the US two free GRR-RIPPER’s. They call it the “Safety for Every Shop Program.” Any school that has a Career Technical Education program can apply here:

Contact Microjig at: (855) RIP-SAFE (747-7233) or via email

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