Best Pipe Wrench

The Best Pipe Wrench

When was the last time you heard someone say the phrase ‘I don’t want to throw a monkey wrench in to this but…’? Well, this tool is where the term monkey wrench comes from. Also known as a pipe wrench, this tool has a very specific purpose which is to turn a tubular object in one direction. Most often it’s a metal or iron pipe used in but not limited to plumbing applications.

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How to use a Pipe Wrench

This tool is unique in how it accomplishes this task. Also called a Stillson wrench, it has what is called a head jaw and a hook jaw. The word jaw used in this context means a ridged or serrated surface that can be used as a force when pressure is applied to it. Think of the teeth in your jaw. Look at the image below to see both jaws. I’ll explain how both jaws are used next.

Head Jaw and Teeth Jaw


When you insert the pipe into the teeth jaw, try turning the handle towards you and then away from you. Notice how the wrench will catch when you turn it in one direction but not the other. This is simply because of how the tool is designed to grip the object with the head jaw when pressure is applied. It’s like one of those Chinese finger traps. The more you turn the wrench the tighter it’s grip is so you can turn the pipe.

Due to the nature of the jaws, if you need to turn the pipe in the other direction you have to turn the wrench around the other way.

Features and Benefits of the RIDGID Pipe Wrench

  • Much lighter than others due to its aluminum body
  • Jaw size allows for pipes up to 2.5″ diameter
  • Great for all types of pipes and applications
  • Teeth stay sharp after years of use

Special Features

First off, the length of 18″ allows for use in a variety of applications. One of the problems working with old pipes is that they become rusty and won’t budge very easily even when you apply force. The longer handle gives you more leverage which can really make work easier for you. Save your muscles for other work! The old saying applies here: work smarter, not harder.

Coming in at only 3.75 lbs of weight, it won’t weight down your bag. Heavy tools in your bag can really add up quickly. Even though it’s light, it doesn’t give up durability. Teeth will stay sharp after years of use and the aluminum alloy will keep its strength.

3 Minute Overview of RIDGID Pipe Wrenches

Company Profile

Founder Carl Ingwer Sr. became president of the company in 1923 under the name Ridge Tool company in Elyria, Ohio. They became known as the company that makes tools so durable that they can be used for a lifetime and passed on to future generations. The company grew after the war entering in to new markets and eventually exporting proeducts overseas. The company continued to expand by making more time saving tools for workers. RIDGID eventually entered in to pipe threading machines and even portable pipe.

Where does RIDGID make pipe wrenches?

According to the Q&A Section of the product page on RIDGID’s website, pipe wrenches and 100% of all parts are manufactured in Minnesota, United States of America.

Curated Independent Reviews

No one makes a better pipe wrench in my opinion. They have been around forever and really do back thier lifetime warranty. They haven’t changed the design forever. I have no issues getting replacement jaws as needed for 50 y/o wrenches.

boytyperanma on reddit

Ridgid the only way to go. I have used many a pipe wrench and literally everything else is inferior. Great buy

Clayfromil on reddit

Ridgid is pretty much the industry standard for anything related to pipe fitting

BreeStephany on reddit

In Conclusion

If you want the best pipe wrench, RIDGID is the way to go! The company is well known and a standard for the industry. Great reviews, durability, and well known for taking care of their customers. The company is always improving, they stand behind their product, and are trusted by their customers.

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