Best Manual Pole Saw

The Best Manual Pole Saw

The Silky Hayauchi is the best manual pole saw when you consider all factors of price, quality, usability, and reliability. The Ono region of Japan is known for its high quality of steel production. After 100 years of production, Silky has mastered the art of the Japanese saw and brought it to the US for consumers to experience the finest pole saw available on the market.

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What’s Good

First off, you’ll immediately notice the build quality and craftsmanship of this manual pole saw compared to others. Try using other saws and you’ll notice they are heavier and harder to maneuver fully extended 20 feet in the air. When you’re cutting a limb that high, every pound of weight reductions makes your job easier.

Not only is the weight important, but also how much the saw bends. Pole saws made of fiberglass deflect or bend more than those made of aluminum. The more deflection there is, the more of your energy is wasted in the bending of the pole rather than cutting limbs. Once you try this pole saw, you’ll realize its true worth.

The Japanese made Hayauchi blade is thicker and sharper than its competition. You expend less energy cutting branches because the individual teeth are tapered, being wider at the bottom than the top. This tapered design keeps the blade moving through branches with less resistance. The hooks on the blade are great for moving branches and keeping the blade in place.

If you have trouble with the blade coming off, it may not be installed properly. First, check that it’s seated in the lock pin and then fasten the bolt bolt by hand. You may even want to add a lock washer. It shouldn’t be going anywhere now.

Other manual pole saws extend using either clamps or a screwing collar. Silky models are superior because they use both a locking clamp and pin to secure the extension.

One word of advice, make sure you cut on the pull stroke, not the push. As with most tools, let them do the work as they’ve been designed rather than you trying to do the work!


  • Made from high quality Japanese steel.
  • Extends from 8ft to 21ft through 4 sections and 3 extensions.
  • Aluminum pole construction for easier maneuverability
  • 6.9lbs total weight


  • Aluminum construction is lighter and sturdier than fiberglass pole saws
  • Much quicker and easier to cut branches
  • Very high Japanese quality to last longer


  • Priced higher than rivals, but the higher quality is worth it
  • The blade may come loose. Just double check it’s inserted and bolted down correctly


Q: Can you sharpen the blade on the Silky?
A: You can sharpen it, but it’s not recommended. The blade is manufactured using hardened steel and is heat tempered. You won’t get the original sharpness desired.

Q: How do you clean tree sap off the blade?
A: Soap and water is the easiest way to clean the blade.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: Silky Pole Saws have a limited lifetime warranty against material defects and workmanship. Silky’s US distributor Sherrill handles warranty claims: 1-866-345-2468 or


You can find the online manual here.

Company Profile

Silky has been manufacturing pruning saws in Ono, Japan since 1919 when UM:kogyo, Inc. was founded. The company has 100 years of hand saw technology and experience in a region of Japan known for the finest quality steel. Silky’s mission is to make products that allow customers to work comfortably and easily with saws.

US Distributor:
Telephone: 866.345.2468

Silky Japan:

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