The Best Chisels for Carpentry

If you love working with wood, making your own furniture, or doing your own carpentry, you’ll eventually need a set of chisels. The VonHaus 15-085 10pc Wood Chisel Set is the best value chisel set you can buy for most general carpentry work right now. They’re durable, come in a variety of options, and include all the accessories you need for your shop.

The VonHaus Chisel Set

When opening the VonHaus chisels, first thing you’ll notice is the wood box they come in. It’s a nice touch and adds a little bit of professional feel over a plastic case. Inside you’ll find 8 sizes of chisels, a sharpening stone, and a honing guide to help you sharpen them.

Each chisel comes with a plastic cap over the end to be removed prior to use. The handles are a very comfortable rubberized grip and feel easy to hold when using. You’ll also notice a metal cap on the end of each chisel so you can use a rubber mallet when needed.

Sharpen the chisels before you use them though. They don’t come pre-sharpened from the factory. It’ll take a little bit of elbow grease, but you’ll become familiar with them when you’re done.

VonHaus chisles are the best for carpentry not only because of the product but also because of the company that makes them. The parent company DOMU Brands gives back through charity, maintains ethical business practices, and makes sure they provide a wonderful place to work for their employees.

Employers are truly the vehicle by which employees have the ability to provide a living for their family. Employees love to work at great companies and DOMU Brands is no exception. Every manufacturer should model their values after DOMU Brands.

What’s included

  • Wood storage case
  • Splitproof chisels in the following sizes: 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch
  • Honing guide to aid in sharpening
  • Aluminium oxide sharpening stone of 120/200 grit


  • Chrome vanadium steel alloy – Superior strength from heat treatment
  • Metal strike caps – Can be used with a hammer
  • Handles made of rubber for easier and more comfortable grip
  • Honing guide included – allows you to easily sharpen with precision
  • Sharpening Guide included


  • Great value and high quality at their price point
  • The honing guide is very helpful to sharpen the tools


  • They do need to be sharpened before first use
  • Can probably use a better quality stone


Q: Can you use this on a lathe?
A: No, these are not to be used on a lathe

Q: Where are they made?
A: They are made in Chinanull

What different types of chisels are there?

A chisel has been used for many hundreds of years to shape, trim, and remove wood to form your work piece. You can also use a chisel to join two pieces of wood together in many different types of joints. Different trades have different names for the chisels the tradesmen use. There are cold chisels to shape metal, turning chisels for use on a wood lathe, and even carving chisels. But for general woodworking, these are the most common types:

  • Firmer or Bench Chisel – Use this general purpose chisel for most of your woodworking needs. The beveled edge allows you to work in most situations vs. a straight edge. It typically has a medium length blade (about 4 inches) and a handle that is impact resistant if you need to use a mallet to drive it. Try to use a wooden or rubber mallet to help your chisel handle last longer.
  • Paring Chisel – These longer, firmer, but more slender blades are designed to be used on more delicate work to shave and pare wood using only your muscle strength, no for use with a mallet.
  • Mortise Chisel – Use this chisel when you need to cut a deep or large mortise. The blade is typically thicker and can withstand the use of a mallet.

What is a Tang Chisel?

Chisels can be classified in two types: tang chisels and socket chisels. A tang chisel is where the blade extends and is molded into the handle. A socket chisel is designed so the handle extends into the blade which covers a bit of it. You typically want to use just your muscle power with the tang chisel and a mallet or hammer with the socket chisel

How to Use a Chisel for Carpentry

  1. Follow the grain in most applications. The wood will be easier to work with.
  2. When shaping a rough piece of wood, lay the beveled edge against the wood and use a rubber or wood mallet to drive the chisel and remove small pieces of wood at a time.
  3. Use your hand and muscle strength at the end to finish when paring your work. The paring chisel will enable a more delicate finishing motion.

Company Profile

VonHaus is a brand of the parent company DOMU Brands, based in Manchester England. They have over 100 employees and are a forward thinking company that truly enables their employees in decision making. They focus on quality, innovation, learning, and having fun throughout the process. Mark Januszewski is the founder and CEO.

Domu has a policy against modern slavery. They will not deal, partner, or work with any company that uses forced labor or human trafficking.

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