The Best Wood Lathe for the Money

Have you ever entertained the thought of making your own live edge bowls or wood ink pens? What about spindles, boxes, or vessels to put things in? You can turn these ideas into reality with a few lessons on wood turning and how to use a lathe. In order to get you closer to that... Read more →

The Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

If there’s one subject almost all DIY’ers cringe at hearing, it’s painting. Whether talking about the general slop-around brushing, rolling, or *shudder* spraying, the work can seem intimidating and cause general horror and mayhem in the minds of the most stoic DIY’ers. We’re going to break down the process and hopefully ease some of the... Read more →

The Best Angle Grinder for Welders

There is something of a zen-like quality to forcing hardened steel to bend to your will. Welders and metal workers have some of the most intriguing jobs in the world today. These folks work with materials which will stop most bullets today, bending, twisting, and joining; they seemingly create life from lifeless metal. How they... Read more →

What is the Best Drill for Mixing Mud?

Today we’ll be taking a deeper look at the mixing of a multitude of gooey substances used in everything from tiling to drywall. When it comes to mixing these materials, there are only a few guidelines to note. We don’t feel like there is any one, single answer for everything, so we’re going to present... Read more →

What is the Best Miter Saw for Trim Work?

If you’re like me, at some point you’ve looked up to the spot where your walls meet your ceiling and had dreams of Victorian grandeur with intricate, wide crown molding covering that ghastly, web-covered corner. If you’re like me, you’ve also thought, “it is perfectly reasonable that I should have a miter saw to make... Read more →

What is the Best Belt Sander for the Money?

You have a grand idea: “I’m going to lay 24”x24” ceramic tile on my concrete floor.” You grab the thin set and all your best intentions and set to work. Halfway through the project, you place a tile down and it see-saws left and right. The trouble now is that if you mortar it in... Read more →

What is the Best Impact Driver?

Think about the last time you applied too much torque when fastening a screw with a cordless drill and you destroyed the head of the screw? It was frustrating right? Well, enter the impact driver! How does it work? The impact driver uses a hammer, anvil, and spring to deliver rotational force around a bit.... Read more →

What is the Best Air Compressor for Roofing Work?

If you ever need to replace shingles or do any roofing work, you’ll find a variety of air compressors for your framing and coil nailers. Pancake or gas? Oil-less or oil? I’ll run you through some of the options, brands, and give you enough information to make an educated decision. Is there electricity at your... Read more →

What is the Best Oscillating Tool for Grout Removal?

You’ve got this whole bathroom full of tile staring at you and you’re thinking, It’s going to take forever to remove all that grout from the tile! Well, it doesn’t have to be if you have the right tool for the job. As my Dad always said, there’s a tool for every job. In this... Read more →