The Best Right Angle Drill Attachment

Have you ever tried to drill a hole in a tight spot and the drill with the bit was too long? Wish you could have a device to reach around at a different angle? If so, you’ve run in to an application where you need a right angle attachment for your drill. I was working... Read more →

The Best Cordless Framing Nailer

A framing nailer can be a great time saver if you’re finishing a basement, adding a wall, toe nailing, or adding studs to a frame for drywall. Are you tired of a loud air compressor and having to stop work to wait for it to fill back up? Let’s take a look at the best... Read more →

The Best Green Laser Level

Have you ever needed to level an outdoor patio in the sunlight and the light from a red laser was washed out by the sun? Green lasers typically have a higher power output and run at a different wavelength making them easier to see in sunlight. Prices are coming down and there are more manufacturers... Read more →

The Best Cordless Power Tool Brand

Choosing a cordless power tool is similar to buying into a system. Once you’re in, you’re invested. That means it’s important to pick a system that works best for you at the beginning. Manufacturers want you to continue buying their brand in the future so they make sure their batteries and accessories are proprietary and... Read more →

The Best Chisels for Carpentry

If you love working with wood, making your own furniture, or doing your own carpentry, you’ll eventually need a set of chisels. The VonHaus 15-085 10pc Wood Chisel Set is the best value chisel set you can buy for most general carpentry work right now. They’re durable, come in a variety of options, and include... Read more →

The Best Pass Through Socket Set

Imagine you’re working on the car changing the spark plugs and you reach for your socket set that you use for everything. You grab your 5/8″ socket and attach it to your ratchet. You place it on the spark plug but it doesn’t reach the bottom of the spark plug to turn counter-clockwise! Now you... Read more →

The Best Manual Pole Saw

The Silky Hayauchi is the best manual pole saw when you consider all factors of price, quality, usability, and reliability. The Ono region of Japan is known for its high quality of steel production. After 100 years of production, Silky has mastered the art of the Japanese saw and brought it to the US for... Read more →

The Best Circular Saw for Beginners

What is a Circular Saw? A circular saw is used to cut lumber, boards, plywood, and wood to length for your projects. Blade type and size vary, but the most common size is 7-1/4″ diameter. Beginners will usually be cutting wood materials, but you can also purchase masonry blades for cutting concrete and stone. The... Read more →

The Best Bandsaws for Resawing

When I was growing up my Dad always kept scraps of wood around so that he always had something for any project we were working on. The best part about keeping wood scraps is that you always have something available when you need it. Once we found that piece of wood, we would resaw it... Read more →

The Best Wood Lathe for the Money

Have you ever entertained the thought of making your own live edge bowls or wood ink pens? What about spindles, boxes, or vessels to put things in? You can turn these ideas into reality with a few lessons on wood turning and how to use a lathe. In order to get you closer to that... Read more →