Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

A neighbor was complaining that their bathroom smelled awful like rotten eggs or sulfur. I watched the comments go by and there were lots of ideas. The septic tank needs cleaning. Hard rains flooding the septic. The smell will go away on its own. Clogged drain vent. The sulfur smell is produced by bacteria in... Read more →

The Best Electric Pressure Washer

Have you experienced how easily a pressure washer removes dirt and grime from almost anything you use it on? I’ve used it to clean my driveway, car engine bay, mold and mildew on outside windows, and even stonework outside in my patio. It’s a great tool to have in the spring to clean up the... Read more →

The Best Ear Protection for Woodworking

Do you know someone that often asks you to repeat what you just said? Hearing loss is a subject we don’t often talk about but it can leave you with many regrets later in life. How many people don’t protect their ears at concerts only to have significant auditory issues later? Small choices today can... Read more →

The Best Tool Storage System

One major drawback of accumulating tools is they take up space and you have to store them somewhere. Many are large, take up a lot of space, are awkward, and are difficult to store easily. The more time goes on, the more tools you accumulate. Without having a good way to store them, you’ll eventually... Read more →

The Best Dust Collector for a Small Shop

No matter what type of woodworking you do or whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, installing a dust collector is an absolute requirement. Why might you ask? The answer (and most important reason) is to preserve the health of your respiratory system. Long term exposure to dust and particles can cause harmful consequences... Read more →

The Best Miter Box

A miter box is an essential piece of equipment to keep in your garage or storage area when working with any type of small molding, dowels, framing, or small woodworking projects. You’ll be required to cut 45 degree angles and they need to be very close to perfect, otherwise your cuts won’t line up and... Read more →

The Best Snap Ring Pliers

Snap ring pliers are one of those tools that do a very specific job and you won’t need very often. But when you need them you’re happy you have them. You also need a high quality pair that won’t be loose or cause problems. With numerous inexpensive but lower quality products on the market, this... Read more →

The Best Tape Measures and Straight Edges

Many say that carpenters use the tape measure more than any other tool. It’s a useful tool that has many applications and uses for almost any project. It’s small, easy to use, quick, and flexible. You can purchase them to measure distances from just a few feet up to hundreds of feet. Some tape measures... Read more →

The Best Backpack Leaf Blower

When I think about the first time I had to use a leaf blower with an extension cord, I remember how much I disliked that part of yard work. I remember tripping over the cord, running out of length, and having to position myself to blow the leaves in the right direction but being wrapped... Read more →