How to Install Kerdi Board

My master shower was ugly. The un-cleanable and un-bleachable mold would mock me every day telling me that it was there to stay and nothing I could do would get rid of it! I tried brushes, sponges, steel wool, soft scrub, bleach mixtures, but it was still there. Day after day. Shower after shower. Enough... Read more →

How to Remove Wallpaper from Drywall

Are you tired of looking at floral wallpaper like I was? The light pinks, greens, and blues were pretty back in the late 80’s and 90’s but not anymore! Many homeowners chose this style of wallpaper and now it’s leftover in millions of homes across the United States just waiting to be removed. It’s time... Read more →

The Best Solder for Copper Pipe

Are you adding a bathroom in the basement or need to move some water supply lines around? If you do your own plumbing work and sweat pipes, you’ll have your own torch but may need some solder. Many DIY’ers want to learn how to do their own plumbing work and this is a great way... Read more →

The Best Drain Snake to Buy

You may have heard drain snakes being referred to as drain augers or plumber’s snakes but, whatever you call it, it’s all the same tool! Many prefer them over plungers but they can come with more risks. If you aren’t familiar with using one you could rip pipes or puncture them, creating leaks. Don’t fret or... Read more →

The Best Professional Stud Finder

Before now you may have been using the age-old method of hammering a small nail into the wall until it you find a stud or you have used a magnet to locate old nails in the stud. While these are ways can be effective, they are extremely time consuming and, quite frankly, require a lot... Read more →

The Best Pipe Wrench

When was the last time you heard someone say the phrase ‘I don’t want to throw a monkey wrench in to this but…’? Well, this tool is where the term monkey wrench comes from. Also known as a pipe wrench, this tool has a very specific purpose which is to turn a tubular object in... Read more →

How to Convert Imperial Tools to Metric

Even though we live in a global world, we still have remnants of different units of measurement in different countries! This can get frustrating especially when you’re working with tools. Wrenches, sockets, and other tools often come in both imperial and metric measurements. To Convert Inches to Millimeters multiply by 25.4Inches to Centimeters multiply by... Read more →

The Best Push Block for a Table Saw

Even though you may already have a push stick or push block, the GRR-RIPPER GR-100 is the best push block for table saws today. Kickback is a dangerous problem that can occur when the work piece binds in the saw blade and then kicks back towards you at high speed. This problem can cause serious... Read more →

What Do You Use a Scroll Saw For?

Have you ever wanted to make your own word art, puzzles, figurines, or interesting patterns to hang on the wall? A scroll saw is a very unique piece of machinery that has a very fine blade to cut wood. Some patterns have very small curves that would be almost impossible to cut out with any... Read more →

The Best Shop Vac for Drywall Dust

Drywall dust gets everywhere when you’re working with sheet rock. I mean everywhere! It’s unfortunately part of the job. While most shop vacs blow the dust back into the room without the proper filters, I’ve learned a few different ways to get rid of the dust. I’ll first recommend a few vacuums and then explain... Read more →